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Are You Getting The Best From Your Distribution Company?

Kenyon Road Haulage have been in business for over 80 years and in that time, we’ve learnt a lot about our industry. As well as operating successful transport and warehousing services, we’re also an experienced distribution company. Part of the reason we’ve done so well for so long, is that we really understand what’s important to our customers. If you’re wondering whether you’re getting the best from your distribution company, ask yourself these questions:

Are You Able To Save Time For The Important Things?

If you’re in business, you know that each day brings with it a long to-do list. We’re all busy managing our workloads but the last thing any of us needs is additional tasks, like organising deliveries. As a full service distribution company, we take care of the whole process on behalf of our customers. We’re reliable and experienced, meaning you can leave us to get on with it, whilst you concentrate on the important things – like running your business!

Is Your Professional Image Being Taken Care of?

The chances are you’ve spent a lot of time, effort and probably money, to create the perfect business image. From logos and branding to the staff you employ, you’ll want everything to be perfect, and rightly so! It’s easy to control how your company is positioned from within the office but what about on the road? If you’re distributing branded products to your clients, you want your professional image to extend all the way to their front door. At Kenyon Road Haulage, we have a team of friendly, enthusiastic and highly professional staff. We know how important your company image is, so we make sure you’re always being represented in the best possible light.

Are Your Needs Being Met?

Sometimes a standard distribution service is exactly what you need. Other times however, you may need something more specific. As a customer focused distribution company, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our service. From the moment your products are ready to go, to the moment they’re delivered to your client’s door, we can create a distribution package that works for you.

If you have any specific requirements or requests, just contact us and we’ll see how we can help. Call us today on 503600 for more information on all the services we offer.












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