European Road Hauliers

Kenyon Road Haulage provide a range of haulage services throughout Europe. Whatever your European haulage needs, Kenyon will provide a bespoke and dependable service, tailored to your needs. Whether you are a European company importing to the UK or a UK company exporting into Europe, Kenyon can provide fast, reliable and efficient haulage. With over 80 years in the haulage business, and situated conveniently close to the motorway network, Kenyon are perfectly placed to help you move your goods across Europe.

Efficient and experienced staff

European haulage services can be arranged through our professional traffic office. You can discuss any special requirements with our experienced and courteous staff. We can customise contracts to meet your individual requirements and offer flexible insurance cover.

A fast and reliable service

Thanks to our extensive fleet of vehicles, we are able to offer fast and efficient haulage services across Europe, including both import to and export from the UK. Satellite tracking and in-cab telephones allow us to run a precise and streamlined service which gets your goods where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Specialised services

Our diverse vehicle fleet allows us to offer you specialised haulage services throughout Europe. We specialise in both palletised and loose consignments and we offer specialist palletised business to business deliveries, carriage of hazardous materials and other specialist loads. Whatever your requirements, we have the versatility and expertise to accommodate them.

Helping your business to grow

If an efficient European distribution network is key to the success of your business, Kenyon Haulage can help you. Improving your supply chain and fulfilment will help your business to flourish and you can rely on us to take care of all your European haulage needs. If you’re thinking of expanding into the European market, rest assured that we can handle any haulage needs you might have. Knowledgeable and experienced staff, a diverse vehicle fleet that can handle any specialist load and our commitment to you, the customer, make us your best choice for haulage in Europe.