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In need of transportation services? Then look no further than Kenyon Haulage. We offer a cost effective, reliable and operationally efficient express premium and economy pallet distribution service to and from Preston and the Fylde areas for both single and multiple pallet consignments.

Recognising a gap in the market for pallet distribution, Kenyon joined Palletways, the largest pallet distribution network in the UK. Outbound pallet consignments are trunked into a central Hub located in Lichfield, members then collect consignments bound for their own local areas, for either next day or economy delivery. Our wide range of vehicles allows us to transport a diverse variety of goods.

Kenyon Haulage is responsible for all Palletways pallet distribution in Preston and the Fylde (PR and FY postcodes). For reliable, cost efficient and well-organised pallet distribution in Preston and the Fylde, Kenyon Haulage can ensure that your consignments are delivered on time, every time.

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