Pallet Distribution UK

At Kenyon’s we provide haulage and UK pallet distribution services that are based upon more than 75 years of experience in the industry. Our delivery network stretches to all areas of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and can also offer services to the Irish Republic and Continental Europe.

In order to offer solutions for every size of logistics budget, Kenyon Haulage offers both overnight and economy pallet delivery services, and all services can be provided with a guaranteed delivery window. If a business requires the shipping of single or multiple pallets, this can be arranged quickly and efficiently.

Although Kenyon Haulage is based in the North-West of England, we are able to offer logistics solutions to the whole of the UK through our participation in the Palletways network. This arrangement has revolutionised UK pallet distribution, and the core of the operation is a central hub that is located in the Midlands. A number of different providers ship their consignments to this ideally-placed facility, and they collect pallets that are destined for their home areas. This setup has allowed a number of independent pallet companies to thrive in this extremely competitive industry, and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers speedy delivery with nationwide coverage. Our role in Palletways is to provide the final leg of the journey for clients in the PR and FY postcode areas.

UK pallet distribution services from Kenyon Haulage can be entirely tailored to the needs of a business, all the way from the factory to the end customer. We offer more than just straightforward distribution – if required, we can assume control of a company’s entire delivery operations and remove these logistical headaches for business managers. We have more than 65,000 square feet of storage space at our disposal, meaning that we can handle any size of pallet delivery.

We have a highly experienced team of staff to take care of all your needs and an ever expanding, modern fleet of vehicles out there on the road.  In short, Kenyon’s can ensure that in a very competitive environment, we can give you a leading edge over all your competitors.

Our website offers a number of facilities to assist with ordering and tracking, giving clients more control over the entire distribution process, and our friendly and courteous team is also available to assist distribution customers by phone or email.

For a professional and flexible approach to UK pallet distribution, get in touch with Kenyon Haulageto discuss your requirements.

Pallet Distribution UK, Ireland & Europe from Kenyon Haulage