Palletised Freight Distribution

As a member of Palletways, the largest overnight palletised freight distribution network in the UK, Kenyon Haulage offer an express palletised freight distribution service locally, nationally and across Europe.

Through the Palletways network, we offer:

  • Premium & Economy Palletised Freight Distribution
  • Full coverage of the UK, Ireland & Europe.
  • Blue chip customer base
  • RDC and High street delivery specialists

  • Tail-lift deliveries.
  • Timed deliveries
  • JIT deliveries
  • Responsible for PR and FY Postcode coverage.

Kenyon Haulage recognised the need within local businesses, to provide a cost efficient express palletised freight distribution service to match the needs of our diverse customer base.

Palletways is Europe’s largest and fastest growing network of express palletised freight distribution for small consignments of palletised goods and relies on its 270+ strong membership of carefully selected palletised freight distribution service providers all over Europe.

Palletways members trunk their outbound deliveries into a central Hub, situated in the Midlands, from there they collect consignments bound for their own local areas which will be delivered either the next day or on the economy service.

By providing this palletised freight distribution service you can be assured that your consignments are delivered by local experts, people who know their own delivery areas and are part of that specific business community.

With over 100 UK depots, the Palletways palletised freight distribution network offers an unrivalled range of cost-effective palletised freight distribution services, with built in flexibility and a national and European guaranteed level of service. Kenyon Haulage are a valued member of this network, supporting Express and Just in Time deliveries.

Through this palletised freight distribution service you can monitor us as much as we monitor ourselves, as all members are constantly monitored on performance and you can track and trace your consignment from pick up to delivery and have access to your proof of delivery online.

For a cost efficient and well organised palletised freight distribution service then look no further than Kenyon Haulage to ensure that your important consignments are delivered on time, every time. Please contact us to get a quote and arrange a collection for your consignment.